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Can You Name this ONE Ultra Simple Marketing Strategy That Increased Sales Up to 41% – and Do You Know Why?

It’s Not What You Think...!

Dear Fellow Marketer,

've got some killer news that will have you jumping for joy... unless you're brain dead or in a coma. I'll tell you all about it in just a minute. You Don't Know It Yet, But in the Next 5 Minutes You Are Going to Learn One Thing That Will Enable You to Convert More Prospects Into Buyers No Matter What You Are Selling. What's More, They'll Even Thank You For the Opportunity!

There's no doubt that almost everyone online has heard about Mark Joyner. But for the few of you who haven't I'll tell you a little about his phenomenal success.
Mark Joyner is one of the absolute most successful Internet marketers ever. Mark was active on the net long before most of today's other Internet marketers even knew about it. And there is on doubt that he really knows how to market and sell on the Internet.

Even though Mark is 'retired' now his tactics remain as some of the most effective strategies on the net. Mark's scientific approach to marketing made him a huge success and a pioneer in internet marketing.

One of his greatest successes was his site SearchHound, which he built from scratch, ran on a zero marketing budget, and then sold for $4,000,000 ($3,000,000 in cash and $1,000,000 in strike warrants) partly due to the high traffic it received.

The bottom line - Mark's strategies work!

Mark spent years testing and tweaking and then testing some more. This singular minded path was for one very specific purpose... to increase sales... period - what else really matters when it comes to the success or your business. Hey it's no mystery that the most successful of marketers in any arena have a well oiled scientifically developed marketing machine.

You don't just back into success or haphazardly fall into instant riches on the web or any where else for that matter (Lottery winners and children of the wealthy perhaps being exceptions). Success is earned. Of course many would-be business operators and online marketers will completely ignore proven methods of success and just "wing it" - blindly hoping that prospects, potential customers and eventually a multitude of sales will come their way.

Wake the F*#& Up! It's not going to happen, not today, not tomorrow and not any time in the near or distant future if you don't implement scientifically proven methods into your marketing plan!

"Well That's Just Great Louis. But I Thought
You Said You Had Some Killer News!"

Introducing: "OrderPageMagic"

What is OrderPageMagic and what can it do for me?

Here's the lowdown. OrderPageMagic is an easy-to-use software program that creates scientifically proven-to-convert order pages. This is not your run of the mill page creation software. OrderPageMagic creates custom made pages.

Why should I care about my order page? Isn't the customer already going to buy when they get there?

Good question...

Although the order form is at the end of your sales copy, it is a vital part of the web selling process.

This is the last chance you have to turn a prospect into a customer, and every extra detail should be paid attention to.

Direct mail copywriters such as Ted Nicholas will advise you to write your order form first before you write anything else. This way, you can create a strong order form that is full of closing power while you’re still “hot,” rather than write it as an afterthought when you have depleted yourself of copywriting steam. This is incredibly sound advice and it carries over to the net. If you build a burning desire to buy in your sales copy but then fail to effectively close the sale, it does not mean squat... no matter how good your preceding sales copy is.

Mark Joyner knew this because he scientifically tested to see which strategy worked the best.

Here's exactly what Mark's testing taught him...


How to reassure even the most skeptical of potential customers and increase sales conversion by up to 27%.

Your customers want to know: “What are you selling and how much!” The simple strategy used here exploded Mark's conversion rates by as much as 41%.

The sneaky little tactic that gives the potential customer a feeling that there is "much to gain and nothing to lose" and how to use it to increase your sales by 22%.

How to use the "fear of loss" strategy to convert another 36% of those prospects who might otherwise put off the decision to buy and convert them into paying customers... right now.

The secret "mechanical trick" that converts 32% more prospects and puts more money into your bank account. It's so incredibly simple that you won't believe it!
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